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The Asus Rog Strix Gaming Laptop is a little bit of a mix of things. This is a laptop that has got the best of all worlds. It is very lightweight, yet powerful for a laptop. It weighs in at about 2 pounds, so it is not too heavy to be useful, yet it is also not too light to be a hindrance either. It features a touchpad for inputting commands, but the keyboard on this laptop is a good one. You have different ports on it to allow you to plug in different peripherals as well. The main port is a USB port that plugs into an external USB port, and it has three USB ports that are each connected to a USB hub. There is also a mini-DVI port if you like, and an audio output port.

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There is also wireless connectivity that comes with the laptop as well. This means you can have a wireless network connection if you prefer, and you can use this to connect your gaming console, as well. The graphics card on this laptop is also very powerful. It offers a decent amount of graphical processing power, and the laptop is able to play the most recent games at a decent frame rate.

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There is a built-in keyboard, but if you want to type, you will need to use the external keyboard or you can use the wireless mouse that comes with the laptop. If you have a gamepad, you can use it as well.} It does not matter if they are external devices or not. They all can be used to transfer files between the laptop and your game system. The audio output port also gives you the opportunity to listen to music with your laptop. You can hook up headphones, speakers, or anything else that you like. to get the sound coming through.

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