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Asus X55A Laptop was originally designed for the military and now is perfect for anyone  who wants a laptop that is lightweight, powerful, and convenient to use. The Asus has all of the features you would expect in a laptop and with this particular one you do not need to use a case at all to take it anywhere because it is lightweight. It is powered by a dual-core 1.7 GHz processor, which is great if you plan on using it as your main laptop and for doing some of the more advanced applications. It also has a built-in graphics card, which is nice for graphics-heavy games that you can run. In addition, it also has an extra-large keyboard for better typing abilities.

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Another feature that is nice to have is the integrated speakers. I always find it difficult to type when I am holding a laptop because of all of the sound coming from the speakers. With the integrated speakers built into the Asus X55A laptop, you will not be having to worry about this anymore. It also comes with a lot of different accessories that are not common with other laptops. It comes with a Bluetooth adapter and USB drive for storage and data transferring. If you are going to look at the Asus X55A laptop you are going to find out that it is great for any situation that requires a laptop. This makes it great for people that like to travel a lot or want to carry their laptops everywhere they go.

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I know that this review may come off as I am just trying to sell you something, but I really do think that this laptop is great for anyone that wants to have a laptop but doesn’t have the money to buy one. I think it will be worth your time to take a look at my review so you know what I think of this laptop and what to expect from it. The main reason that I love this laptop is that it has everything I need and want from a laptop. I think that there are some great features that this laptop has that I did not think were available on a laptop before and these include having a built-in keyboard, having a good battery life, being portable, being affordable, being stylish, being quiet, and being quiet.

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