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The Dell Mini Laptop has the features that many of today’s laptops offer, but they are a little smaller in size. While that may be fine for some people who do not have space for a full-sized laptop or even the space for a small computer tower, it is definitely a plus if you do have space. In fact, when you look at the price point, it is not necessarily that much more expensive than what you would pay for a full-sized laptop.

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The Dell mini is also considered one of the smaller sized computers because it has all the same features as a full-sized model. It will offer you the same features you would find on a typical laptop such as word processing, surfing the web, playing games, and so on. It is also very portable and small enough to carry around with you anywhere you go. So, if you travel frequently you can bring this with you everywhere. Even if you do not travel that often, it can still be useful for a few moments when you need to browse the net and check your email.

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Since the Dell mini is small, it does not have all of the bells and whistles that you get with larger laptops. However, the features are all there. For instance, you can buy a keyboard cover, a mouse cover and even a case to put it all together. If you do not mind buying a laptop that is slightly less powerful then you may want to look into the Dell Inspiron. This model is great because it has a small footprint and has a sleek look to it. It also offers all the features that a larger laptop would but at a smaller price. Finally, the Acer mini laptop is another great choice. Like Dell, it offers a lot of features and is quite compact. It also comes with many different options to make it more personalized

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