Evoo 11.6 Ultra Thin Laptop Computer Reviews *2020 New

Evoo 11.6 Ultra-Thin Laptop case has an incredibly slim design that is designed for the ultimate in mobility. This laptop case provides users with a very small profile to allow for maximum laptop performance and portability at an affordable price.

evoo-11.6-ultra-thin-laptop General  The new case utilizes the latest technology to provide users with maximum protection and convenience. The case utilizes an extremely thin profile that has been designed with two distinct sides, allowing for maximum compatibility with your computer screen size.

The bottom half of the case provides a protective covering for the computer screen and the inside of the lid provides a smooth surface for easy access to the computer components. Users will appreciate the fact that the case has a hinge to allow for easy access to the hinges for the computer component.


This is ideal for users that work outside on a regular basis because they can quickly open and close the lid without worrying about damaging the laptop. When looking for the best laptop case, you want to ensure that you find one that will provide you with maximum security.

Evoo 11.6 Reviews & Near Me Evoo 11.6 2020 New

Screenshot_12-650x68 General  The Evoo 11.6 Ultra Thin laptop case meets this criterion by including a reinforced top lip that can easily be removed to provide additional protection when the need arises. This is a great feature for those who travel frequently or do not have the luxury of having a locking lid. The lid of the laptop case also has a reinforced lock that can keep the lid closed securely when you are away from home.

evoo-11.6-ultra-thin-laptop1 General  The Evoo laptop case is made of extremely lightweight materials that are designed to allow for easy portability. This laptop case uses a reinforced nylon strap with a soft microfiber interior to allow for easy, comfortable carrying. A padded shoulder strap is provided for users that are concerned about their ability to use the laptop while it is being carried.

The exterior of the laptop case is protected with an extremely durable and weather-resistant shell that features a rubberized finish to provide users with a soft grip when holding the laptop. The laptop case comes equipped with a magnetic flap on the exterior that allows for easy access to the computer components.

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