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Best Gaming Laptop With GTX 1060 is the first new laptop to be released in several years and the first to be produced by a large manufacturer. This is a huge deal, as it means that you no longer have to settle for second best when it comes to laptops because there are now two brands competing for your business. We’ve spent some time looking at the specifications, the pros and cons of buying one, and what the future holds for this new model. First and foremost, the GTX 1060 is manufactured by Nvidia, which is the company that developed the chip. The chip itself is based on the Maxwell architecture, which is a new design that was first introduced with the original GTX 650.

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It was a very successful design that quickly spread to other components, and now the GTX 1060 is being manufactured using the same architecture as other laptops. While this means that the notebook is different from all the rest, it also means that it can do much more than just play word games or browse the internet. Because it has been designed using Maxwell, the GTX 1060 notebook’s performance is very fast. It’s not just fast, but it’s so fast that it’s almost impossible for anyone to tell the difference between it and the other laptops out there. The speed of the processor means that you will never find yourself waiting for a game to load up.

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This means that the notebook will have a great deal of stamina, as well, meaning that it can play all the latest games without problems. These are two major advantages that the GTX 1060 notebook has over other laptops. The other huge advantage of the GTX 1060 notebook is its size. Since it’s a small laptop, it means that it can fit in any bag. This is good news if you travel a lot, or if you need to take the notebook with you in order to use it wherever you go. Because it’s so small, it will also make it very easy for the user to carry around in a backpack, so you won’t have to worry about trying to get it in and out of the bag while on the go.

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