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The price of a top of the line HP Gaming Laptop is hard to justify for most people. But do you have to sacrifice your budget just to get the ultimate gaming laptop? Certainly, not at all. With smart shopping, you will get a laptop with all the specs you require at the price you desire. If your budget sits right at a mid-range of around a thousand dollars and you believe that might limit what you can accomplish with your gaming laptop, consider again. There are several important elements to look for when shopping for a laptop. These components include processor speed, RAM, graphics card memory, hard drive space, screen size, and battery life. The first three elements, however, are self-explanatory. How much speed do you need? What type of graphics cards do you require?hp-gaming-laptop HP Review

The latest i7-powered laptops available today come loaded with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The Core 2 Duo comes with two cores, two threads per core, and six megabits per mega-core, giving you an excellent level of performance. The dual-core processor is also compatible with AMD’s Age of Empire game software. This game software uses a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1340 pixels per inch. When it comes to processing power, your options are much wider than with laptops from other brands. The latest model of the HP gaming notebook, for example, sports an Intel Core Duo processor running at 2.5GHz. The laptop is also loaded with four gigs of RAM, which means that your graphics card will not let you down when playing games. On the Dell models of the Spectre X 360 laptop, you get a Hyperthreading processor which helps speed up the overall processing.

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If memory isn’t your problem, you might want to consider the optional upgrade to a dual-core i7 processor. While it is an expensive part to purchase, it will definitely improve the processing of your laptop. You can get an i7 processor, four gigs of RAM, and either a gigabyte or one gigabyte of dedicated video memory from many laptop models. These additional features will make your gaming laptops much faster. Finally, do make sure that you are getting a good battery life for your laptop. Ten-hour battery life should be adequate for playing most of the current games out on the market. For those demanding 3D games, however, it is always recommended to get a high definition laptop. The HD Graphics port on the latest i7 models of gaming laptops means that you will get a smooth and fast gaming experience no matter what you are doing. Check out our website for more information about how you can buy an amazing laptop today.

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