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Mi Gaming Laptop is a small and light laptop computer that comes with an advanced dual-core processor. It has two slots of DDR3 2400Mhz RAM. The maximum memory capacity is 32GB. To install the extra RAM, simply lift up the cover of the laptop. Then insert the RAM module into an upright position and then press down on the RAM module until the final fix. Now plug in the USB cord from the bottom of the laptop to your USB port of your PC. The memory reader of your PC will recognize the Mi gaming laptop. The system should boot with an option for the installation of the additional RAM. Click the button and proceed with the installation of the new RAM.

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After the installation process has been completed, you can reboot your laptop’s display and see the improved performance of the device. The improved performance can also be seen in the speed of browsing, video playback, document viewing, and music playing. The additional RAM in this laptop also allows you to install several applications simultaneously. A simple click on the “add” option of the “Add / Remove Programs” application can easily allow you to add and remove applications simultaneously. The same can be done for adding or removing applications to your desktop by using the same application.

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Aside from its large storage space, additional RAM also helps you with multitasking tasks. It can help you organize your personal files faster. You can also make your job easier by allowing your laptop to boot up multiple programs at once. It is ideal for using it when you are on the go and need to use a laptop in various locations. Overall, a Mi gaming laptop is not only made for those people who are interested in gaming. This small and lightweight laptop can be used for different uses like writing memos, playing games, reading books, surfing the net, watching movies, playing online games, and much more.

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